Crystal Image


Crystal Image are one the longest lasting unknown bands from the San Francisco scene. Playing the coffee houses as early as the late fifties, the started recording psychedelic music in early 1968, spawning 20 something single releases. But it would take them till the mid seventies to release their first album, producing a total of 3 LPs.

All of their LPs are highly sought after by private pressing collectors and psychedelic music lovers alike. They supported such bands as Quicksilver, The Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane and many other, now legendary former local acts. Their music was in the vain of Jefferson Airplane, just sometimes even heavier with
fantastic fuzz wah-wah guitars.
This re-issue comes straight from the master tapes in amazing HIFI sound. In collaboration with Mr. John Covert, the mastermind behind Crystal Image, himself.

The CD features a band story and unseen Photos, as well as 5 bonus tracks.